Manufacturing technology of LGS profile and structures in KARKAS.KG

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High-quality aluminum-zinc coated profile

KARKAS.KG uses only the special marking profile G550. We guarantee our customers quality, therefore we pay maximum attention to the choice of building materials and the endurance of technologies. Therefore, our LGS profile is not a simple “galvanization”, but a metal with an aluminum-zinc coating.

Aluminozinc is a corrosion-resistant steel coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy (Al-Zn) by continuous dipping. The aluminum-zinc coating creates a protective layer that can withstand severe frosts and winds, heavy rains and snowfalls, exhausting heat and dampness. Special tests with accelerated corrosion conditions have shown that the service life of Aluzinc is at least ten times higher than that of galvanized steel.

LGS building need to consider the reliability and durability of materials

Find out about the advantages and features of our profile in the comparison table

Profile by KARKAS.KG

We use the S550GD steel grade, which complies with international quality standards, as well as the EN 10346:2015 Eurocode. This steel belongs to the high-strength class. S550GD has a yield strength of Re=550 MPa and a tensile strength of Rm=560 MPa, which ensures maximum rigidity, reliability and durability of the entire building structure

The durability of metal structures depends on the quality and quantity of anti-corrosion contained in the steel. Our company uses aluminum-zinc coated steel – 150 g per 1 sq. meter. Marking AZ150. Aluzinc coating is an advanced method of protecting steel from corrosion and aggressive environments. Aluzinc coating creates a protective layer that can withstand frost, heavy rains, snowfalls, heat and dampness

The profile is produced on high-precision New Zealand equipment according to the 100% accurate calculation of the Scott Steel program. When designing the frame of each future object, individual measurements are taken, all loads are taken into account, and a complete calculation of the structure is displayed. Frame production is carried out professionally and strictly for each project. This guarantees the accuracy of the manufactured elements and eliminates the factor of human error during the assembly and installation of LGS.

Our company paid special attention to the technology of erecting structures from LGS to fastening materials. In this aspect, another of our advantages is that when assembling the elements, steel rivets are used instead of self-tapping screws. Since it is scientifically proven that when connecting thin-sheet elements, blind rivets are the most reliable fasteners

In 2019, the Karkas.KG Company became the first and so far the only one in the CIS that has passed a full check during tests for an official assessment of the seismic resistance of its structures under construction. On large-scale vibration tests, our designs showed confident resistance to earthquakes of magnitude 9 points. This is evidenced by certificates and official assessments of experts conducting measurements, evaluations and tests.

Profile of other companies

A number of companies present on the Kyrgyz market use ordinary steel, which has a maximum yield strength of only Re=235-350 MPa, and a tensile strength of less than Rm=290 MPa. This significantly weakens the load-bearing parts of the structure and exposes the entire building to a high risk of collapse.

To reduce the cost of their estimates, a number of companies in the Kyrgyz market use simple steel coated with a thin layer of zinc to build houses and buildings from LGS. In the people, such material is commonly called “galvanized”. The zinc content in such material is 120-275 gr. per 1 sq. meter. This is Zn120 / Zn275 marking. The quality of such metal and especially its service life is much lower. Zn120 is inferior to AZ150 coating in dozens of indicators

Companies trying to save on everything in spite of regulations, requirements and quality neglect technology and violate the original basis for building a future project from LGS. Due to the lack of specialized software, the wrong approach to calculating the load – amateurs build structures “by eye”. Perform installation and measurements on site, violating the integrity of structures and exposing future residents of the house to a great risk

Due to the lack of experienced craftsmen and the lack of special equipment, a number of companies in Kyrgyzstan use simple self-tapping screws to connect the LSTK profile. But self-tapping screws tend to unwind over time and are highly dependent on the human factor – they simply may not be screwed to the end at the time of installation

For 2022, no other Company offering the construction of buildings and houses in Kyrgyzstan from LGS has conducted tests and due diligence of its structures. None of them received certificates from international expert services. Accordingly, no other company in Kyrgyzstan, except for Karkas.KG, has evidence of the reliability, quality and seismic resistance of the proposed structures. You can’t trust your home with these manufacturers!

According to international quality standards, the use of LGS in the load-bearing components of buildings requires steel marking at least S350. At the same time, the use of steel of minimum characteristics S350 requires the use of a profile with a thickness of 1 mm or more. Accordingly, the use of steel marking S550GD allows you to get a more durable structure, while saving on the thickness of the metal. Also, according to Russian and international quality standards, the construction of buildings from LGS requires a steel coating of at least 275 grams per 1 sq. meter. At the same time, the advantages of aluminozinc compared to hot-dip galvanizing are: higher corrosion resistance and low tendency to cracking. The properties of zinc-aluminum coatings exceed those of zinc coatings of the same steel thickness by 7-10 times, which increases the durability of KARKAS.KG structures by 30-50 years.

It is important to remember that the design, preparation, and initial assembly of the main structures of future buildings from LGS must be carried out under production conditions, under the supervision of engineers and strictly in accordance with the requirements of design documentation.

If the self-tapping screw can not be completely or evenly screwed in, then the rivet always secures 100%, and also does not loosen or unscrew. After all, that is why only rivets are used to fasten parts in shipbuilding and aircraft construction.

The most secure mount fasteners

Our company paid special attention to the technology of erecting structures from LGS to fastening materials. Here we also did not save on quality and instead of common self-tapping screws we use special rivets.

If the self-tapping screw can not be completely screwed in, not evenly, then the riveting always secures 100%, does not loosen or unscrew. After all, that is why only rivets are used to fasten parts in shipbuilding and aircraft construction!

Structural integrity and maximum insulation

Full roof

Metal siding

Mansard roof

Mansard roof

Wall structure

Interfloor overlap

Answers to frequently asked questions

Each project is calculated individually depending on the complexity of the design, the number of rooms, the number of storeys and the location of the object. The cost of your future LGS home or business premises will be individually calculated taking into account the exact footage of materials using specialized software. The exact cost of the object will be announced to you after calculations. We provide any report during the period of cooperation and implementation of your object.

LGS structures are installed on the most reliable foundation in the construction of residential and industrial premises. This is a strip foundation 30 cm wide, with a final screed of 10 cm.

LGS is attached to the foundation with anchor bolts

Manufacture, installation of houses and commercial buildings with the services of KARKAS.KG is guaranteed to be carried out taking into account heat exchange and with maximum conservation of thermal energy. With this technology, we use basalt insulation, it is an environmentally friendly product and allows 100% recycling.

KARKAS.KG has been in business for over 10 years. All these years, we honestly and openly provide the residents of Kyrgyzstan with high-quality services for the construction of houses from LGS. We provide the longest guarantee. We take on even the most complex and large-scale projects. And over the years we have built more than 400 houses and buildings for business from LGS throughout the country!