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10+ years work
in Kyrgyzstan


400+ built

up to 100 years guarantee for the profile

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Do you want the same project and its implementation with the TOP technologies of the 21st century!?

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We implement the project in just 90 days!
At the same time, we guarantee you:


The mission of our company is based on the principles of caring for the environment. Therefore, we use eco-materials that are safe for people and nature.

Fire safety

All components according to our construction technology belong to the fire safety class A1 and A2 (non-combustible materials)

Energy efficiency

We take into account the maximum thermal insulation in the design and implementation, which in the future will save resources on heating and air conditioning

Seismic resistance

The building, made according to the KARKAS.KG LGS technology, is able to withstand seismic loads of 9 points or more. High level of strength provided by G550 steel

By choosing us, you choose speed, quality and most importantly safety!

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