Cozy private house in Arashan village

The Karkas.KG company carries out an individual approach to each client, to each order and project. This is especially noticeable in the design and construction of private houses, since here, unlike buildings for warehouses and factories, you can show more imagination, allocate separate areas, be creative in the number of rooms, design interesting verandas, adjacent territories with a canopy, etc.

One of such interesting, bright projects in the construction of an individual private house from LGS by the Karkas.KG Company was a large, but at the same time one-story house in the village of Arashan. In the already approved territorial project and drawing, the Karkas.KG team additionally advised customers (future owners and residents of this private house) on the location of rooms, adding partitions, on convenient location of corridors and communications through special computer programs. Further, the entire project was implemented by the Karkas.KG Company from LGS and after that the internal and external cladding was completed, in accordance with high standards of energy saving and reliability, and strengthening of structures.

As a result, the house was handed over to the customers in an ideally high-quality execution of light weight and cladding materials, insulated according to customer requests. In just 120 days, the family saw how their dream home grew over 120 square meters on an empty lot. We are proud of our work!

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