Shooting club “Vystrel” in Bash-Kara-Suu

In the construction of high-quality, reliable and even more complex, multi-level buildings, Karkas.KG is trusted by the best! Therefore, the organizers confidently entrusted the construction of the most advanced shooting club in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, to our Company.

The Karkas.KG team implemented the design, manufacture and assembly of the building of the shooting club “Vystrel” in the village of Bash-Kara-Suu, strictly within the time period established by the contract and according to the highest quality standards.

The customers were 100% satisfied, and after 3 months the finished complex could receive guests. Despite certain difficulties in the relief, and taking into account the special requirements of the customer, we implemented the project as reliably, competently and with the customer’s style of building as possible. In the construction, several sites were realized from light steel construction, the most reliable foundation was poured and 4 special rooms were separated.

Project in numbers

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Project with Scott Steel program

Construction process

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