Friends, we present to you our new website

We welcome everyone to the updated website of KARKAS.KG – the leading construction company for the construction of houses and buildings from LGS in the Kyrgyz Republic. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality information and openly demonstrate all the advantages of building real estate using the technologies of the 21st century. Therefore, we thought over and created a new site for you.

Here you will find a lot of useful up-to-date information about the construction and quality of houses, buildings, structures made of LGS. You will be able to see examples of construction from scratch, learn how these structures should be designed and built correctly and what you should pay special attention to.

Our new site presents the services of the KARKAS.KG Company, allows you to get acquainted with the LGS technology itself, as well as understand the benefits and the real advantageous difference between outdated and less reliable house building technologies and a modern approach. Here are our real examples of completed projects, reviews of eminent experts and all the ways to communicate with us.

KARKAS.KG consultation is free. Therefore, if you want to build a strong, reliable, modern and safe house, a specialized industrial premises or a business building, then be sure to consider the possibility of building from LGS. For our part, we will answer all your questions, we will definitely offer a full range of services from designers, architects and engineers, and after the approval of the drawing, we will be able to clarify the cost of building your facility.