The spacious modern cafe in Kemin City

Catering establishments require a special design. The individuality of structures and buildings of such a profile should come from the plans and cuisine of future entrepreneurs. And it is this professional, detailed approach that Karkas.KG offers to its customers. When designing a future building, we take into account the requests and wishes of customers, the territory, the relief, the climatic conditions of the region, and only in this way we guarantee the perfect execution of the profile structure. Such a building for a cafe will be 100% rational and will allow its owners to extract the maximum profit from the business, while always remaining a reliable shelter from both bad weather and earthquakes.

One of the examples of the implementation of such a high-quality building for a cafe is the completed order in the construction of a building (a building made of LGS) by Karkas.KG in Kemin. Cafe “Keremet” has been standing for several years and fully justifies the project and proves the quality of the approach, the performance of their work by all employees of our Company. Here, the usable area is beneficial, and the literacy of the distribution of the load on the supporting structures, and ergonomics, and energy efficiency, and the correct calculation for ease of communication. The project was created in a short period approved in the contract, with a guarantee of quality and at the most reasonable, affordable prices!

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Project with Scott Steel program

Construction process

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