Special warehouse at the Dordoi bazaar

For 10 years of flawless work, the Karkas.KG Company has what every manufacturer and service provision office dreams of – we have the trust of consumers. That is why every year not only more and more new customers order frame houses from LGS in Karkas.KG, but also regular customers regularly apply for orders for new buildings from LGS. We are glad to cooperate and will always guarantee an individual approach and the highest quality of our work, as well as the provision of the best materials for the construction of houses, offices, buildings and other structures from LGS.

An example of such trust and repeated cooperation is our next object – a special-purpose frame building at the Dordoi market in Bishkek. Businessmen entrusted us with the design, construction and finishing of a specialized warehouse at Dordoi and once again were not disappointed in the quality, speed and reliability of our work and materials.

In just 4 months, we built a special warehouse on the allotted territory of the clothing market in Bishkek. Sturdy, ready for any challenge, the 760-square-meter building has been specifically designed to take into account the maximum possible amount of free space allowed for storage of goods. Due to the correct calculations of the height of the structure, the length of each profile element, we were able to supply accurate dimensions and guarantee the strength and reliability of the structure. This warehouse has become one of the best at Dordoi and will serve its owners for many, many years.

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Project with Scott Steel program

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