Large country house for the whole family

The Karkas.KG company is the market leader in goods and services in the field of design and construction of buildings and houses from LGS in Kyrgyzstan. Over the course of more than 10 years of career, hundreds of houses have been created, on the completion of the work, many satisfied customers – new settlers – were congratulated on our part. And one of such projects for the development and construction of a frame private residential building from LGS was this large house.

Engineers and architects of Karkas.KG have provided for everything in the project, both the hardness of the soil, and the climatic conditions of the region, and the location of windows and doors according to the cardinal points. The house was built in the style of the best American-Canadian projects, with a spacious porch, pitched roof and facade decoration.

The project was completed from and to, taking into account external and internal insulation, as well as finishing in just 4 months. Despite the fact that there are 6 living rooms, corridors, a porch, a veranda and other building elements. This high-quality private residential building made of LGS (frame house) will stand for many decades and will become the stronghold of the family for several generations!

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Project with Scott Steel program

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